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Twene Jonas is now a Hero because of Oheneba Media & Co.



The hypocritical attitude, sycophancy and thoughtlessness of the proprietor of Oheneba Media and his management have now made Twene Jonas a hero of the Ghanaian youth. Oheneba Media thought they were going to put Twene Jonas into problem but little did he know that his plot was going to backfire on him, to rather throw Jonas into the limelight, endear him to the suffering masses in Ghana. He has now become the voice of the voiceless, touted throughout the world wherever a Ghanaian community is found.

If Oheneba Media had not stupidly, quickly activated his opportunistic adrenalin to seek to antagonize Jonas, his alleged recorded rain of insults on Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, would not have gained its present national, if not worldwide, exponential recognition to become the hot topic of discussion wherever two or three Ghanaians have gathered.

The proprietor of Oheneba Media, though residing in either Germany or Belgium, is not conversant with the laws of human rights, their prevalence and how much they are valued and protected in Europe. If he knew, he would not maliciously dare to seek to endanger the lives of some Ghanaians abroad. He had done it to one woman in Switzerland. He had done it to Ohene David in Germany and has now done it to Hero Twene Jonas in the USA.

He always conducts investigations to locate his victims, thus, those he perceives to be against Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II. He then blows their cover, arranges a team member of his to contact the chiefs concerned in Ghana. He ensures that they resort to ritualized invocation of curses on his victims. He films the actions, then puts them on social media, not only to put the lives of his victims in danger but also, to make money out of it.

It has never been the motive of the woman in Switzerland, Ohene David and Twene Jonas, to make money out of their recorded actions to fix Ghana by castigating the perpetrators of the devastating crimes against mother Ghana. They simply want the world to know about the crimes such irresponsible leaders, be they politicians, public servants or traditional chiefs, are committing against Ghanaians. However, Oheneba Media seeks to make financial gains out of the troubles he causes for others.

Had it not been for the thoughtless action by Oheneba Media, that chief who claims to be Asantehene’s Nifahene would not have come live on TV to assert that he was going to invoke all the river gods and fetishes in Ghana to curse Twene Jonas. If it were not for Oheneba Media, that heavily drunk guy would not have poured a bottle of schnapps on to the ground, smashed two eggs amid invocations and incantations to kill Twene Jonas.

Had it not been for Oheneba Media’s evil machinations, that fetish priest would not have cursed Twene Jonas. The ripple effect of roguish Oheneba Media’s action, had a so-called puppet Asantehene of New York come on live video to threaten to ensure the extradition of Twene Jonas from the USA to Ghana to be mercilessly dealt with by Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II and his cabal of Asanteman chiefs..

I was aghast at the pronouncements by the chief. How on earth could he deport Twene Jonas from America? Is he such a greenhorn not to understand how the laws work in civilized America to simply talk that rubbish? What authority has he to cause Jonas’ extradition from the USA to Ghana to be maltreated by Asantehene? Talk is cheap indeed!

If I were Twene Jonas, I would report him to the American police, or sue this bloody ass. What right has he in America to threaten the life of an innocent citizen or immigrant? If he thinks he can behave irresponsibly criminally as he would in Ghana, I am afraid he has got it all wrong.

All those mentioned as seeking to intimidate Twene Jonas and Co., or have them killed or extradited to Ghana, are now the bitterest enemies of the Ghanaian youth now called the Freedom Fighters. The Freedom Fighters are concerned about the fate of Ghana should the chiefs and politicians be allowed to continue with their corrupt actions that have the potential to result in Ghanaians being enslaved in their own land by the Chinese.

More grease to the elbows of the three musketeers – Lady Switzerland, Ohene David and Sir Twene Jonas. What about Rockson Adofo, that fearless no-nonsense son from Kumawu/Asiampa, the once pacesetter or torchbearer to take on Asantehene and his cohorts in attempts to chase them out of Kumawuman affairs? He is now old and must cede the space for the three musketeers!

Has Lady Switzerland become rusty? If no, then let the world hear from you!

If you play with Kumawuman, God and the ancestors will disgrace you. No wonder the predicament Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II finds himself in at the hands of the three musketeers and their exuberant Freedom fighters.

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Photo of the snake which Twene Jonas alleged to be in Afia Schwar’s bottled water drops.




Photo of snake found in a bottled water which is alleged to be QAS drinking water drops online

This comes after, social media influencer Twene Jonas alleged that controversial Afia Schwarzenegger has snake in her bottle water.

Afia Schwarzenegger unhappy about the allegations reacted and cursed Twene Jonas for trying to destroy her business.

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Press Release on the Murder of Ibrahim Kaaka Mohammed.




We have just received depressing news of the death of our colleague and friend Ibrahim “Kaaka” Mohammed, a #FixTheCountry activist and member of the Economic Fighters League who was attacked by a mob for his #FixTheCountry related activism.

As you will recall, we earlier reported that Kaaka was attacked on the same Friday the Ghana Police Service arrested other #FixTheCountry Convenors.

As Tv3/3FM has reported, Kaaka received voice messages of threats being made on his life. In fact, there are voice recordings on which some persons known to be bodyguards to the Municipal Chief Executive of Ejura Sekyeredumase, could be heard saying that activities of Kaaka on Facebook were making the governing New Patriotic Party unpopular in the area and that every means possible must be used to stop him.

In fact, less than two weeks ago, various individuals had gone to report Kaaka to the Ejura Police in order to get him to stop stop his work. Instead of cautioning those individuals to refrain from intimidating and threatening Kaaka in the exercise of his Constitutional rights as a citizen, the Police rather issued Kaaka with a warning letter.

Following Kaaka’s torture, we lodged a formal complaint with the Ghana Police Service. They have taken no steps to interdict or even invite any body for questioning over the murderous attack.

This is murder of an innocent citizen! Kaaka’s blood is a formal indictment of us all and our refusal to stand up and challenge a false democracy! If this is truly a democracy, give us justice!

Tomorrow, we shall seek a formal audience with the Inspector General of Police relating to this matter.

May we not rest until Kaaka receives justice.

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Efia Odo breaks silence over her arrest.




Social media sensation and a member of the #FixTheCountry campaign, Efia Odo has spoken following her release from police custody after she was arrested together with 14 others at an Accra High Court, Friday.

Efia Odo who is one of the conveners of the campaign demanding for better living conditions through the #FixTheCountry movement was at the Accra High Court ahead of the court’s ruling on a police injunction seeking to stop the group from embarking on a street protest.

Speaking to the media immediately after lawyers of the group secured bail for herself and the remaining 14 individuals, Efia Odo expressed disappointment in how her arrest was criminalised by the conduct of the police officers.

“I was inside the courtroom and the judge called for a recess that we should come back at 1:30 to get our final verdict. So, as I came outside, obviously a lot of campaigners were outside to support and they wanted to take pictures.

“I am a public figure and they wanted to show their support. A lot of commotion was going on and all of a sudden we see police come with their guns as if we were criminals and they just aggressively pulled us in,” she narrated.

Court throws out injunction against #FixTheCountry demo

An Accra High Court has thrown out an injunction by the Ghana Police Service against the organisers of the #FixTheCountry from holding a street protest.

The Court on Friday, June 25, 2021, ruled in a case in which the Ghana Police citing public health concerns and the COVID-19 restrictions was asking for the conveners of the #FixTheCountry protest to be barred from proceeding with their demonstration.

The group has in the past weeks been demanding better living conditions through social media protests and has been challenged in their decision to take the protest onto the streets.

The Police were seeking to stop the group from embarking on the street protest by citing public health concerns and the imposition of COVID-19 restrictions as its basis.

One of the issues that came up during the court case was the legitimacy of the Attorney General’s Office to represent the Ghana Police Service.

In their challenge against the Attorney General from representing the Police, lawyers for the conveners of the protest argued that the court cannot hear a matter on public order which has been filed in the name of the Republic instead of a police officer as mandated by the constitution.

“The applicant does not have the capacity to bring this application under section 1 subsection 6 of the public order act. Act 491. And as such, the Court is not clothed with jurisdiction to hear or grant the application,” Julius Assinyo said in court.

The Public Order Act section 1(6) which was being relied on by the campaigners to argue their case reads, “where the organiser refuses to comply with the request under subsection 4 or fails to notify the police officer in accordance with subsection 5, the police officer may apply to the justice or chairman of the regional tribunal.”

In his counterargument, the Attorney General described the application as being “completely misconceived and a misunderstanding of the fundamental laws regarding this application.”

The court however sided with the Attorney General and allowed him to represent the Police in the case.

With the injunction against the #FixTheCountry demo quashed, it is not yet known how the organizers intend to go on with their plans or whether the Police and the Attorney General’s Office will explore other opportunities to stop the protest.

Source GhanaWeb.

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